There are three things we know.
Mike has an older sister.
Mike grew up in Deluxe.
Mike is an orphan.
From these I have constructed my headcanon about his childhood, and since Capri has been revealed, I figured I’d share them.

Mike and Capri were born in Motorcity, but when their parents died, Capri felt she had no choice but to take Mike and go live in Deluxe. She’s only two years older than him, not mature or capable enough to take care of both herself and her little brother in the dangerous ruins of Motorcity. As well, being the elder, she probably remembers more about their parents than Mike, maybe even their death.
In Deluxe, she feels isolated and unable to make friends, being a ‘Motorcity rat’, and coupled with the loss of her parents and the responsibility of her brother, she lashes out at Mike and whoever he happens to befriend. Eventually she is not able to cope with the injustices of Kane Co. any further, but still entrusts Mike will be safer there than with her, and leaves. This causes Mike to suffer abandonment issues and rebounds by seeking validation by joining Kane Co., and coming to think of Kane almost as a parental figure.

No happy family here.

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